English Intensive Program "New Horizons".

--is a two to four-week program during the month of July designed to 
and conversation experience with native speakers of English.

It is also an exciting, fulfilling opportunity for a missions experience in a safe environment. You will come away knowing you have been serving God, growing in your own personal spirituality, sharing your gifts and your faith in a very needy place, making lasting friendships, expanding and revising your worldview, and longing to return. We speak from experience!


  • There are many unbelievers in our classes. It is our goal to witness to these people and win them to Christ and to bring them into positive growing relationships with the national and foreign Christians who attend.
  • We hope to generate income from this program to support our regular university programs which train pastors and missionaries during the school year.
  • Many of the students come to us from churches. One of our goals is to serve the church by training people in English.
  • Another is to raise the profile of the university over a wider area.


Students, teachers, and assistants have the option of attending either session or both.

First Module:July 1 - July 16
Arrival Date: July 1
Orientation: July 2
Classes: July 4- July 15
Departure Date: July 16
Second Module:July 15 - July 30
Arrival Date: July 15
Orientation: July 16
Classes: July 18 - July 29
Departure Date: July 30


You will need to cover all of your own travel expenses as far as Donetsk,Ukraine. There will also be a $15.00 per day suggested donation for meals and $5.00 per night for lodging while you are at the university. Sight-seeing trips will be offered once each module and cost an additional $20.00-$30.00 if you wish to attend.


We will have classes on Monday through Friday. Three hours each morning are spent in structured classroom instruction with the teachers. The assistants lead a more interactive, entertaining, and informal program in the afternoon. This consists of three, one-hour blocks of singing, drama, conversation practice, writing, listening, discussion, and arts and crafts. Supervising these afternoon activities is an ideal activity for American short-term mission teams. Our English students particularly enjoy having young people assist in this area.

Several evenings a week activities such as games, sports, videos, Bible studies, or camp fires are offered. Teachers are given the afternoons free to do daily lesson planning. Assistants are given the mornings free to plan their activities. There are some planned activities and sightseeing trips offered for teachers and assistants during the weekends.


We normally have a wide range of students with an equally wide range of skill levels. The age of students ranges s from 10 to 60, but we provide separate classes for young people and adults. Our classes have been popular in the past with elementary and high school students, as well as working professionals. We have at least one class in every level from beginner through advanced and usually have around 100 students per module. Each class will have between five and 10 students. This, of course, is subject to change according to the number of people who apply.


We will be using the Oxford Headway textbooks. Each level completes approximately five units of this textbook each module. People who take all four weeks of classes will complete 10 units of the textbook.

People Required:

We would love to accept anyone who feels called by God to come, but believe our needs are as follows: 10 professional or experienced teachers (ESL training would be great!) and at least 25 assistants (who don’t necessarily have any training, but must speak English well) for each of the two modules.

Application to the program:

All teachers planning to teach morning session classes must fill out an application (18 kB, zip; download). Assistants coming to DCU on their own (not through a specific mission organization) must also fill out a short application form (18 kB, zip; download). Please download, fill out and e-mail the application to If you are an assistant coming with a church group or through a mission organization, you do not have to complete these applications.

Travel Info:

You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements as far as the city of Donetsk. We ask that you fly directly to Donetsk. Plane fare is radically cheaper if tickets are purchased during the winter months. Summer rates nearly double. We recommend MTS Travel, an agency which specializes in service workers and missionary travel. You may contact them at If you fly into Kiev, you can take a connecting flight to Donetsk or an overnight train. You need to have some Russian language skills or extensive travel skills to manage the train on your own, and buying tickets in advance is complicated.


Currently no visa is required for American, Canadian, or citizens of EU countries who plan to stay in Ukraine for less than 90 days. Visas are still required for Australian citizens. For more information about visa requirements for Australians, please visit the Australian Embassy of Ukraine website at

Health Requirements:

There are no particular inoculations required to visit Ukraine. We would suggest you consider having the series of hepatitis vaccine, which requires several weeks. Be sure to investigate this with your local health department far in advance of your trip. It is advised that anyone who visits Ukraine have a tuberculosis skin test upon their return.


Teachers and assistants will stay in the DCU dormitories. We have two types of suites. Each suite has two rooms; one double occupancy and one single occupancy. One type has an on-suite bathroom with shower, the other type has a communal bathroom and shower on each floor. Every four suites share a complete kitchen.


Lunch and dinner are served daily in the dining hall during the week. Breakfast is continental-style and usually served in the dormitory kitchens. The university cooks are off on the weekends and meals are more creative, but still available. You will be shown how to get to grocery stores (or escorted) to buy snacks and other supplies if you need them. Donetsk water is not safe to drink, so bottled water is provided in your rooms, or filtered water is available in the dormitory kitchens.


1st module: 28 June – 12 July
Arrival: 28 June
Orientation: 29 June
Classes: 30 June – 11 July
Departure: 12 July

2nd module: 12 July – 26 July
Arrival: 12 July
Orientation: 13 July
Classes: 14 July – 25 July
Departure: 26 July


Contact Info:

Any further questions you have may be directed to 


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