Informational message from Press Service of DCU

Dear friends, colleagues, partners, students and graduates!

Like it was in the past, ministry at Donetsk Christian University becomes a platform for professional growth not only for our students, but also for the staff of DCU. Lord has called His faithful servants to work in His fields for good of the church as a whole. That led to beginning of new missions: new Christians organizations were formed and new experts emerged. Today DCU faces another instance where our leader is progressing to a new level in service and growing in his calling. Mikhail Cherencov will become a part of new initiative - community of Christian experts. Due to this Mikhail Cherencov is resigning from position of provost of Donetsk Christian University. He will dedicate his time and strength to formation of a network of experts from the countries of the former Soviet Union, that will address the issues of relationship between religion and society, Church and the government: continuing political and social changes in attitude toward religion in the former Soviet bloc, formulating practically valuable recommendations for the modern Christian community. 


“Dear friends, I must inform you of my decision to leave the post of provost in Donetsk Christian University. I leave DCU with gratitude to our team for the great and sacrificial service, and to the Board of Trustees- for their confidence. In further service I look forward to development of Christian network of experts that can offer church and society professional analysis of world events and recommendations for more effective interactions in education, theology, social service, and protection of religious freedoms. My new initiatives were supported by my colleagues from the “Russian Ministries” Association and DCU Board of Trustees members, who blessed me to begin this work.”

With respect and gratitude for support, 

Mikhail Cherencov

“We thank God for our friends Mikhail and Nina Cherenkov, for the time of fellowship and mutual service at DCU that we spent together, this past year. Every day of work in a team of talented committed people, brought me, and all of us, new discoveries, expending our thinking and relationships. We are grateful to the Lord for Mikhail’s ministry. We are remaining friends and one team in God’s fields.”

With respect and gratitude, 

Yuri Markov, 

Head of Public Relations, DCU

In spite of such fundamental changes, DCU remains working as usual, consistently moving towards reaching our goals and the vision set before us, providing professional, biblical education. Beginning September 1, 2013 the president of university, Aleksei Melnechuk will take over the responsibilities of provost. Mikhail Cherenkov will remain an advisor of DCU in questions of strategy on a volunteer basis.

We ask for your prayers and support of Donetsk Christian University in continuation of our ministry and for Mikhail Cherenkov in development of his new initiative!

Press-service DCU. 




The Development Committee of the Board of Trustees of DCU

June 16, 2013

The Development Committee of the Board of Trustees of DCU held a scheduled meeting on 16th June 2013, from 9:00 to 12:00. Members of the committee unanimously reached the following decisions:

1. New opportunities offered by changes in the dynamics of theological education in the Eurasian context require continuous monitoring of the levels of demand and need. These changes highlight the necessity of developing new educational and research programs and projects to ensure a timely and adequate response to changing trends in the interests of the Church and for the development of mission in Eurasia. This unprecedented task requires the creation of an analytical research centre that can provide information in support of strategic initiatives of Christians in academic life. The Committee supports the initiative of the ‘Association for Spiritual Renewal’ (ASR) to establish such a centre, and agrees that the best candidate to lead the creation of such a body is Dr Mikhail Cherenkov, who currently holds the position of Rector of the DCU.

Based on the above, the Development Committee proposes the following to the Board of Trustees of DCU:

1.1. To approve the initiative of the ASR to establish an Eastern European Christian think tank.

1.2. To give its blessing to Dr M. N. Cherenkov in the implementation of this initiative, beginning on 1st September 2013, charging him with the responsibility of working as a freelance consultant for DCU on strategic issues.

1.3. To transfer, from 1st September 2013, the authority and responsibilities of serving as Rector of DCU to Mr Alexei Ivanovich Melnychuk.


Chair of the Committee                                             Pavel Dmitryevich Minaev

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