Yana Kryuchkova

Преподаватель английского языка и детской христианской литературы
  • Name: Yana Kryuchkova
  • Subjects: English language, Rhetoric
  • Academic Degree: BA in Teaching English and Russian Language and Literature; MA in Biblical Studies
  • Biography

Was born in 1969 in Zaporozhye. In 1972 my family moved to Donetsk for permanent residence. In 1987, after finishing a high school, I entered Gorlovka State Institute of Foreign Languages. In 1992 got Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching English and Russian Language and Literature. I worked as an English teacher in Donetsk secondary school from 1992 till 1993. Since 1993 till present time I have been working as an English teacher at Donetsk Christian University. I got my Master’s Degree in Biblical studies at Moody Bible Institute (Chicago, U.S.) in 1999.

  • Publications:  

1. A Game-theory Model of Postmodern World. Language and Literature Studies. Poltava, 2009.

2. The Role of Irony in Formation of Fiction World in Postmodern Piece of Art. Collection of scientific works “Eastern Slavonic Philology”. Issue 13. Gorlovka, 2008.

3. On the Category of Art in Contemporary Literature. Materiàly VII mezinàrodní vĕdecko- praktickà konference “Moderní vymoženosti vĕdy” – 2011. Díl 12. Filologické vĕdy. Filosofie. Historie. Hudba a život: Praha. Publishing House “Education and Science” s.r.o., 2011.

4. Deconstruction of the Concept of Wholeness in the Aesthetics of Postmodernism. VII Scientific and Practical Conference “News and Scientific Progress”. Vol. 6. Sofia, 2011.

5. The Concept of “Path” in a Post-modern and Canonical Space: a Comparative Analysis (on the material of V. Pelevin’s essay “The Bridge, Which I Wanted to Cross” and the Book of Isaiah 45:1-3). VII Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Research and Development”, Vol. 11. Language and Literary Studies. Sofia, 2011.

  • Research interests: analysis of literary text, art history, cultural studies.
  • Personal vision and understanding of DCU mission:

Purpose: to spread the Kingdom of God in the modern world

Objective: to provide students with a quality education and the necessary conditions for the spiritual formation

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