Modern Occultism: A Medieval Curiosity or a Fundamental Violation of Ukrainian Law?

Occult practices have become an integral part of many people’s lives. But most people don’t realise that by participating in such practices they have become ensnared in satanic traps. The so-called ‘Fourth Power’ has been widely promoted as the seemingly harmless and useful services of various magicians, sorcerers, healers and astrologers. These ‘modern magicians’ offer horoscopes, spiritual healing and ‘recipes for happiness’. Alarmingly, they have become mainstream and are seen in everyday advertising, especially in the print media. The adverts promise absolute freedom, happiness, healing and mutual love. As a result, masses of people have come under the dark influence of demons and satanic spirits.

 Often magicians use disguised Christian symbols in their ceremonies. These actions clearly contradict the Christian worldview.

 Often, after consulting with these so-called “healers”, people commit suicide or develop obsessive disorders.

 Realising the gravity of the situation, representatives of Donetsk Christian University, together with community and religious leaders of the Donetsk region, assembled at Donetsk City Council town hall to discuss the topic of modern occultism. Addressing this gathering, Professor P. A. Pavluk of Donetsk Christian University gave a presentation on this theme.

 Referring to the practical manifestations of contemporary occultism, he talked about the life experience of a former certified sorcerer and magician named O. P. Sokolvak.

 “The contemporary media widely advertise occult services. Astrological predictions and spiritual healing have become an integral part of many mainstream print publications. Leading TV channels talk about occult practices in a positive light. In society there is tension and dispute about whether or not such occult practices are harmless or not and whether contemporary occultism is a direct violation of Ukrainian law”.

 The participants in the discussion at Donetsk town hall noted that the promotion of the occult from the point of view of religion is a perversion and a sin that is tantamount to promoting pornography, alcoholism and drug addiction. The ban on the promotion of the occult at the legislative level was seen as crucial to the prosperity and the physical and mental health of the Ukrainian nation.

 The participants appealed to the authorities responsible to strengthen and implement public policies to protect the morality, history and culture of Ukraine and to place a ban on measures that are aimed at promoting the occult.

 They appealed to the media to respect Ukrainian law and to stop advertising the services of magicians, witches and psychic healers, which not only damage people’s lives, but also degrades the nation as a whole.

 Following the meeting and discussions, the participants agreed to establish a working group in order to interact with the government to campaign for legislation to restrict the influence of the occult on Ukrainian society.

 The organisers resolved that such meetings and active measures will take place on a regular basis. The churches were also urged to warn their members against the destructive influence of contemporary occultism. This task is imperative for the churches. After all, who else but Christians can be a light to the world and unveil the deception and false promises of peace and happiness made by the dark satanic forces of contemporary occultism?

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