Donetsk Christian University updates Academic Programs

In preparation for the next school year, the leadership of the DCU has decided to turn all academic programs into modular and distant learning format. The reason for such decision was, first of all, special requirements for education and the practical abilities of Christian students who want to study at higher educational institutions. Donetsk Christian University desires for all of its potential students to be able to get a high quality Christian education without leaving the ministry, family, church, or a permanent job.

Due to the transformation of study format into modular and distant learning, there will be some personnel adjustments at DCU. These changes will not affect the mission of the university. DCU continues the enrollment of the new students to all available programs. One of such programs «The Psychology» give the graduated unique opportunity to obtain not only a DCU diploma, but additional diploma from adjunct, partner Universities in Russia, Poland or the United States.

Press Center of Donetsk Christian University

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