Donetsk Christian University

Donetsk Christian University (DCU) is a Christian higher education institution, located in Donetsk, Ukraine. The University is a founding member of the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association.

DCU's mission is to train Evangelical ministers (pastors, teachers, theologians, missionaries, leaders of Christian organizations), journalists, linguists, economists and accountants.

Being located on the border of Europe and Asia, Russia and Ukraine, DCU is a strategic outpost for the Orthodox and Muslim context. DCU formed and developed further as an international education center.
Best graduates of DCU have the opportunity to continue their education in the best universities of Christian Europe and the USA.

DCU has it all - from kindergarten to high school
DCU is a multifunctional center for education and spiritual culture, which offers opportunities for continuous education from pre-school to higher education. There is all in one in the structure of DCU: child care center, public Elementary and Middle school "Gloria", Evangelical seminary and University programs (in theology, missiology, psychology, English philology, journalism). The University Campus and dormitory provide an opportunity for the students to stay with their families.

There are many resources in DCU: gym, playground, cafe, dining rooms, beautiful Campus area for training and accommodation, free Internet Wi-Fi coverage and computer lab.

All students are provided with dormitory.

The center of spiritual life in the University is "Holy Trinity" Church.

The total area of ​​Donetsk Christian University is 8.5 hectares.



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