Andrey Platovskiy

Преподаватель ветхозаветных дисциплин

Name: Andrey Platovskiy

Academic degree: A Bachelor of Theology (DCU, 2003-2007), an undergraduate of International Baptist Theological Seminary (Prague, 2009-2014)

Subjects: An Introduction to the Old Testament; Homiletics of the Old Testament; A Book of Hosea; Exegesis of the Old Testament (The Pentateuch and Prophets). My main research interests are in the area of the Old Testament. In addition, I find quite interesting to observe the trends of the development of the modern Theology and the Hermeneutics. Another possible prospect of development is deeper study of ancient languages ​​(Hebrew and Greek).

An Appointment: A Teacher, a Chairman of the Student Committee

Marital status: I’m married, the only daughter is Kate (21).

A mission of DCU: First of all, DCU as an organization consists of people who learn to be followers of Christ all together. I hope that in the future DCU will be able to be a worthy example of what it means to be a disciple of Christ in our day. In addition, DCU can be one of the research centers, in which an academic culture of the Christian community in Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union should gradually emerge and develop. I'd like to hear voices of the representatives of the community in a dialogue with Western colleagues. In my opinion, DCU has the resources and the capacity to represent the Christian position in modern society on many issues. However, all this is not possible without a strong, healthy team consisting of DCU staff and students. I believe that at this stage of the development of DCU a formation of such a team is a priority.