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Dear friends and ministry partners of Donetsk Christian University,

As I begin my duties as provost of DCU, I want to express to you my honor and heartfelt gratitude for your many long years of friendship and faithful support!

I see God's grace and might in the fact that in twenty years of ministry, hundreds of young Christian leaders have received knowledge and motivation within the walls of DCU to serve in various spheres of Church, missions, and professional life. Our graduates have worked and served in Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Belarus, China, Europe, and the United States. The blessings experienced by the churches and missions that our graduates serve in is partially due to our work and your sacrificial support. 

Times are changing—demand is rising for new skills, more knowledge is required, and the expectations faced by our graduates are growing. We want to walk in step with our times, and offer our students that which will help them in real life. Therefore we are evaluating our programs, searching for relevant directions for growth, and recruiting new teachers.

We believe that the founding of DCU was not an accident and that its fate is in God's hands. We want to know His will for our school and serve Him with all of our potential and ability. We hope for your participation in our work and calling.

There is the potential for a powerful Christian educational center to grow on the border between Ukraine and Russia, which will lend a new dynamic to the growth of the Church and missions, and which will provide a foundation for dialogue between the Church and society in education, and will release thousands of committed and competent young leaders into the world of work and ministry. 

We invite you to become part of this story. Your prayers, counsel, personal involvement, and financial support will help us—together with you—do much more. 

We have become who we are through God's grace, and together with you. And we dream of becoming something more, multiplying that which has been given to us by God. 

Let's write an inspirational story together of joint work and success!

We invite you to participate! 

Dr. Michael Cherenkov

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