Academic Programs

The academic programs at DCU are built upon several key values which are reflected in the set of required courses and disciplines. They include:

  • Christian Worldview,
  • Dogmatic Theology,
  • Apologetics,
  • Psychology and Christian Counseling, and
  • Christianity and Society.

These disciplines teach the key values of DCU to its students. These values are:

  • faithfulness to the foundations of Evangelical theology,
  • openness to dialogue,
  • care for the dignity of man, and
  • responsibility for the transformation of society.

At the moment DCU offers the following educational programs:

  • Foundations of Christian Journalism (part-time)
  • Mission of the Church in the Contemporary World (full-time)
  • Contemporary Missiology in the Post-Soviet Context (full-time, bachelor degree)
  • Evangelical Theology in the Post-Soviet Context (full-time, bachelor degree)
  • Psychology and Christian Counseling (full-time and part-time, bachelor degree)

If you have any questions or would like to study in one of our programs, please contact us.

You can call us at:

+38 (062) 297-22-10;

+38 (095) 888 43 83;

+38 (098) 429 18 18; 

You can also write us at:

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