Graduates of Donetsk Christian University

Throughout the 14 years of Donetsk Christian University’s existence, 624 students with Bachelors degrees in Theology, Missiology and junior specialists in theology – missionaries – have graduated from DCU. They currently serve God in nine countries in the former Soviet Union, spreading the gospel everywhere. Graduates are involved in the ministry of 52 Christian organizations, 260 churches, 20 church unions and associations, and work in 12 Christian educational institutions.

The university trains students to enable them to influence the religious, social, financial and political situations in the countries of the former Soviet Union. We prepare graduates to think critically and act creatively in a changing world.

Ministry of DCU graduates statistics:
33% – are involved in church ministry;
27% – are missionaries;
4% – are leaders of Christian organizations;
3% – are involved in social ministry;
8% – work in Christian education;
8% – continue their education, receiving a Master or Doctorate degree;
4% – serve in Christian mass media;
13% – do some other work.

All of these people are a part of Donetsk Christian University and, by their work, they confirm the necessity and importance of Christian education.

Graduates are our aim and achievement.

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