Sergey Yakovenko

Преподаватель греческого языка Нового Завета

Sergey Yakovenko, B.Th., M.A.-cand.

Instructor of Biblical Greek and Christian Counseling

Subjects taught: Grammar of the NT Greek and Christian Counseling (Seminar – “How to
work with people who are dying and with their relatives”)


1999-2001, 2006-2010 - Bachelor of Theology, Donetsk Christian University.
Theme of the bachelor thesis: “Orthodox 'dukhovnichestvo' and Evangelical 'mentoring': comparative analysis of the two traditions of spiritual direction.”
Since 2011 – Graduate student (Master of Arts in Practical Theology) at TCM Institute (Austria)


I met Jesus at the age of 17 in 1993. Since then I have been a follower of Jesus. Together with my wife Oksana we have two children: son Dmitriy (9 years old) and daughter Anna (5 years old). In 2006 we together with our son moved to Donetsk in 2006, and I continued my interrupted studies of theology. I attend a small Baptist church (called “The light of Jesus”) in the city of Makeyevka, where I regularly preach and counsel its church members.

Research interests: biblical counseling, mentoring and spiritual direction, as well as grammar & syntax of Biblical Greek and New Testament exegetics.

Personal vision and understanding of the mission of DCU:
I consider the process of teaching and studying as a way of humility. Knowledge has its own value only when it is used for the benefit of the Church and the Kingdom of God. By applying this knowledge one is being armed with wisdom from above. I think this understanding is--or should be--a foundation for the academic projects and activities of DCU.

I am convinced that our Lord will keep using the people and resources of DCU to bless those churches, missions and Christians organizations where both DCU students and teachers currently serve and will continue their ministry. If a person has the right understanding of the real value of this knowledge for his/her fruitful ministry, then 3 or 4 years of studies which he/she spends on his/her education will be a good time. Moreover, these years will inevitably bear good fruit and bring glory to the Kingdom of God.

As for me, I sincerely hope that the Lord will deepen my students` love for the God`s Word through my teaching of Greek and biblical counseling.